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A company relocation or new occupation of a (office / commercial) premise can be a complex project. Human and temporal resources, know-how as well as experience in real estate market / tenancy law / negotiation are needed. Strong partnerships with architects, physical removal companies and recycling professionals are important for a smooth move.

Integral Move takes over these services on your behalf and executes your company relocation in close cooperation with you. In order to make the move as simple as possible, Integral Move covers the entire relocation process with the services offered.


Your move process is organized and supported by Integral Move from beginning to end, of course in close collaboration with you. Initially, your needs and requirements for the upcoming company relocation will be evaluated, goals and roles will be defined, appointments and costs planned. Due to the planning, the company move will be implemented step-by-step.

Project management

Moving a company's premises is a sensitive topic for the participants and affects personal concerns of the employees, e.g. longer travel distance, change in workplace concept, etc. Integral Move's change managers will support the move process through communication, pilot, moderation, coaching / training (if needed). In contrast to project management, Integral Move puts the focus in change management on people involved in the process of moving. In project management, Integral Move focuses on "hard facts" such as goals, deadlines and costs.

change management

The company location is an essential criterion for your company to ensure economic success. Integral Move analyzes with you the suitable location and the spatial conditions, adapted to your company strategy. Factors that are decisive for the choice of location are the distance to customers / partners / suppliers, competitive situation, location costs, commuting for employees, etc.

Once the optimal location is determined, Integral Move organizes viewings of potential premises.

The favored space(s) will be inspected by construction professionals to realize a cost-effective relocation.

Location Search

The Swiss tenancy law and business leases have their own features, which are not commonplace for everyone. Integral Move negotiates on your behalf the lease for the new premises until conclusion and advises you on termination of the existing lease. With expertise in tenancy law and, if necessary, involvement of tenant lawyers, you are always on the safe side with Integral Move.

Lease consultancy

Structural adjustments to rooms can become a major challenge and can cause hidden costs. When working with Integral Move, you prevent this risk by working with construction professionals and focusing on the necessary building measures and their costs before the lease is signed. Together with you, we work out the appropriate layout for you (room layouts, arrangement of teams, etc.). The developed layout is realized with professional partners in the new area.

structural adjustments

Are you wondering if your existing furniture will fit into the new space? Would you like to introduce a new workplace concept, such as an open space office? Furniture and workplace concepts need to be well considered and are a significant cost factor when moving companies.

Integral Move helps you to put together the right furniture and to plan and execute a workplace concept that is tailored to your corporate culture.


Once the new premises have been found, the rental agreement has been completed and the room layout / furnishing planned, the physical move is imminent. With the solid partner company of Integral Move you will retain a consistent overwiew. Your infrastructure will be systematically placed and installed in the new area.

Physical move

Depending on the (old) rental contract, the existing space must be restored to its original condition and cleaned after removal. Facility services (cleaning, catering or similar) must be transferred to the new address. Integral Move takes care of the relocation of these services as well as the required final cleaning. Likewise, Integral Move takes over the transfer of the area to the owner / administration of the area.

return old area

Often, during relocation planning or execution, companies realize that their own resources are insufficient for the project. Integral Move offers you immediate support in the event of capacity bottlenecks - in every project phase.

Ad-hoc Support